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Buying or Selling a Home, Condominium, or Vacant Lot in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and Surrounding Areas

Understanding a little bit about the home buying process can help you make a more sound purchase decision. 

Before you get started, let me help you understand how using my services will cost you NOTHING, yet make your home purchase simple and stress free.

Realtors earn a commission (pay check) by SELLING homes and the commission is ONLY paid by the seller when a home is SOLD.   The process goes something like this:

The seller of a property typically enters into an agreement (i.e. Exlcusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement) with a real estate brokerage (real estate company) to represent them in the sale of their property.  A Realtor (Listing Agent) at the real estate brokerage is responsible for the day-to-day actions (i.e. marketing, arranging for showings, negotiating offers, etc.) necessary to sell the property.

As part of the selling process, Listing Agents normally enter their property into the Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors (DBAAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to seek cooperation from other Realtors to sell the property.  In order for a property to be placed into the MLS, the Listing Agent MUST offer cooperation (a commission) to the Realtor (Selling Agent) who brings the buyer.  So, quite simply put, the seller pays for my services through the real estate brokerage they hired.  Next time someone tells you that NOTHING IS FREE, you can correct them and share the knowledge.

Since Realtors ONLY get paid on SALES, it is important for you to understand that Realtors receive no other form of compensation from the real estate brokerage they are affiliated with... zero, zip!  With that said, Realtors have to pay their day-to-day expenses (i.e. phones, computers, Internet access, advertising, gas, professional fess, etc.) from the commissions they earn.  If they earn no commssions, these recurring expenses are paid out of pocket.  By now, you are asking yourself why is he telling me this?  Thanks for asking!

I have been in the real estate business over for nearly 13 years.  During my career, many of the buyers I worked with bought homes.  Not a problem, right?  WRONG!  Some of these buyers bought their home from another Realtor or from a Realtor they just met at an Open House.  You see, these buyers did not think anything of using the services of several Realtors in the area.  I had discovered that many buyers thought Realtors were salaried employees of the real estsate brokerage they were affilitated with.  They just assumed that the Realtor was getting compensated by their company for their expenses (i.e. phones, computers, Internet access, advertising, gas for their cars, etc.).  What they did not realize was that those expenses, including the time spent with them searching for their new home, was being paid by the Realtor out of their commissions.  If no commission is earned, they the Realtor pays those expenses out of pocket.  I honestly believe that many of those buyers just did not understand and the others, just did not care.  Well I care and so should you!  That's why I want to clear this misunderstanding up from the start.

From the start of your search, may I suggest that you find a Realtor that you enjoy working with and stick with them until you have purchased your new property.  In the business, we refer to this as LOYALTY.  Of course, if you have been unlucky enough to find yourself working with a Realtor that is unprofessional, fails to perform to your satisifaction or cannot accomodate your schedule, kick them to the curb!  There are too many FULL-TIME professionals out there ready to provide the service you deserve.

Loyalty is a two-way street.  Does it make sense that a Realtor would provide you with the outstanding service you deserve if they knew you would be loyal to them?  That their efforts would be appreciated and they would be compensated if they are successful in helping you find your next home?  Remember, Realtors work when you need them to work... it's on your schedule!  Researching properties, scheduling property showings to accomodate your schedule (i.e. lunchtime, after work and on the weekends), negotiating offers on your behalf late into the night, and making sure that everything comes together on closing day... that is what we do!  And, we do it for you!  

Okay, I said it.  It's the way it is and now we can go find your castle!

The home buying resources below will get you headed on the right track. Be sure to fill out the Buyer’s Request Form below, if you would like some assistance.

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